Small personalized classes designed from our hearts to yours!

The Yoga Room in Prescott offers small, personalized yoga and pilates classes that give you the individual attention you need to help with everyday aches and pains.

We are a CO-OP studio which benefits teachers and students alike.  See our qualified, independent teachers below.

We offer chair yoga and gentle classes on a mat often combined with the MELT Method. The MELT Method relieves stuck stress that gets trapped in the body. This pain can be cause by dehydrated connective tissue. The MELT method is proven to rehydrate connective tissue and relieve pain.

Our personalized classes are tailored to your individual needs.

Give us a try and be happy that you did!


Fun on AZ TV with Sandy Moss

AZ TV with Sandy Moss showing her the MELT Method.

Yoga Room Prescott at the Grove

119 Grove Avenue, Prescott AZ 86301

MELT Method in Prescott offers workshops and classes in the Prescott, Arizona area including Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt, Mayer and nearby locations.

Contact us if you’d like to schedule a workshop in your area.

What makes The Yoga Room different?

  • We’re creating a sense of community with our small personalized classes
  • An intimate studio allows for a warm and welcoming experience so you fell safe and at ease
  • Our teachers are able to work with particular areas of the body and give individual attention to your specific needs!

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Sandyra Cheney


MELT Method can bring vitality, hydration, rejuvenation and the elimination of chronic aches and pains. Live Longer Better!

Amy McVickers


Amy fell in love with not only how yoga helped her body, but also brought forth a sense of peace and calm to her busy mind.

Jamie Oden


As a busy mother, Jamie knows how restorative yoga can help people like herself who are going through the joys and challenges of life.

Susan Carroll


Susan Carroll has been practicing and teaching the method of classical Pilates for over 9 years. She is grateful to have found Pilates as the foundation for all movement.

Barb Gitlin


Barbara has taught since 1995  is a certified Iyengar yoga Leval I & II she guides students into classical poses at a pace that allows a journey into the mind – body connection, of awareness  and strength ending into relaxation and meditative calm.

Pam Garland


Pam Garland,  Life Empowering Coach, helps clients reexamine who they are, uncover their hidden challenges and help expand their view of what is possible for them.

Michael Davis
Michael Davis


Michael Davis holds a Master Degree in Consciousness Studies, a Doctor of Divinity Degree focused on ACIM, and is ordained with the International Metaphysical Ministry.