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Christena Vandegrift

Conscious Yoga Prescott
Christena Vandegrift

500HR RYT, Yoga Bodywork, Reiki Master & Anti-Aging & Health Coach

Christena dedicates her personal & professional life to the teachings & practice of Yoga. Before Yoga, her educational journey was that of Psychology & Humanities. She holds a 500HR RYT Certification, 100HR Yin & Restorative Yoga & Reiki Master Certification all from Yandara Yoga Institute. She is a 3X Graduate of Landmark Education Personal & Professional Self-Development Courses. She works with a wide variety of students, ages, special needs, injuries & limitations; giving her the experience to tailor all Yogic Practices to suit students’ individual needs & goals. Physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health are all obtainable through Yoga Practice.

All Practices by Appointment Only

Yoga Bodywork (YBW)

90 minutes • $120
120 minutes • $160

A Unique Practice Where Client Is Relaxed The Entire Session. A Combination Of Specialized Yoga Stretches, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Manipulation, Myofascial Release & Master Reiki Techniques Are Used To Loosen Tight Muscles, Detoxify Internal Tissues & Release Physical & Emotional Tension Stored In The Body.

YBW Improves Circulation, Reduces Inflammation, Lengthens & Loosens The Fascia, Muscles & Joints To Support Proper Skeletal & Muscular Alignment. Beneficial At Managing & Reducing Pain, Improving Mobility & Enhancing Athletic Performance.

YBW Enhances Over-All Health & Well-Being, Delivers Feelings Of Peace & Tranquility.

Sound Therapy To Conclude.

Health Benefits:
~ Loosen bound-up muscle tissues AKA “knots”
~ Increase joint mobility & flexibility
~ Lengthen muscle fibers to remove toxins & improve circulation
~ Extra oxygen delivered throughout the body
~ Supports health & longevity of ligaments, tendons & joints
~ Reduce physical stress & emotional tension in the body

Private Yoga Instruction

Private Yoga Lessons Are Individually Tailored To Meet Students Needs & Goals. Learn To Begin, Modify Or Advance Your Practice In A Private Setting & Undemanding Pace. Yoga Is Very Effective At Pain-Management, Reducing Stress & Delivering An Over-All Sense Of Well-Being. Deep Stretching Gently Brings Muscles & Bones Back Into Their Optimal Alignment, While Lubricating The Joints. Asana Practice Aids In The Transfer Of Nutrients In The Body, Reduces Inflammation & Helps Prevent Premature Aging.

3/PL = $75/EA
5/PL = $65/EA

Small Group Practice @ The Yoga Room

60 minutes • $12

Small Group At The Yoga Room Every TUES 9A & THURS. Asana Practice Includes Beginning & Ending Dharma/Meditation, Vinyasa, Balancing Asanas, Warriors, Traditional Yoga Poses & Creativity Within Poses. All Levels Welcome. Please Bring Two Blocks & A Strap.

5 1/2 FT Mat-Distance From Each Student

Yoga at Home (Individual or Group)

75 minutes • Contact Christena For Price

Practice Is Customized According To Your Individual/Your Groups Yoga Needs & Goals. Music, Essential Oils, Sage, Beginning & Ending Dharma/Meditation All Included.

Group Yoga / Special Event Yoga

1 hour • Starting At $80

Group/Special Event Yoga Can Be Once Or Ongoing. Adding Yoga Practice To Your Special Event Brings So Many Benefits To You & The Group. Set The Pace Of Peace, Relaxation, Inner-Strength, Body Conditioning, Mental Clarity & Emotional Well-Being. All Group Classes Are Custom Tailored To Your Requests, Needs & Goals: Pranayama, Sound Healing W/18th Century Tibetan Singing Bowl, Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Power/Motivational Yoga, Meditation, Essential Oil Treatments, Sage-ing, Sound Therapy &/Or A Combination Of These Healing & Therapeutic Practices To Enhance Your Special Event.

Anti-Aging Health Coach

1 hour consult • $45

Healthy Gene Expression Is The Key To Anti-Aging, Pain-Management, Dis-Ease Prevention/Management & Good Health. Learn How To Obtain Healthy Gene Expression For Healthy Aging, Longevity & A Good Quality Of Life. I Share The Practices I have Used For The Past 12YRS In Maintaining My Health & Youthful Attributes. Nutrition Plans Are Also Discussed.

Reiki Master Sessions

1 hour • Starting At $65

Reiki Is Unconditional Love & Wisdom, A Hands-On Healing Technique That Promotes Stress-Reduction, Health & Healing On All Levels. Reiki Assists The Body’s Natural Ability To Balance & Restore Itself At The Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Level. Reiki Brings Peace To The Mind & Enhances The Health In Both The Client & Practitioner’s Lives. Light Reflexology Applied To Hands & Feet Help Break-Up Lactic Acid Crystals So Energy & Circulation Flow More Freely In The Body. Sound Therapy Used To Relax & Reduce Stress. Reiki Compliments Other Healing Practices Such As Yoga & Meditation.

Guided Meditation

45 minutes • $45

Meditation Has Many Benefits: Increased Self-Awareness & Patience, Fresh Imagination & Creativity, Reduced Stress Response, A Deeper Understanding Of Life & Life’s Purpose. Meditation Nurtures The Connection To The World Around You & Is An Exceptional Way To Enhance Mindful-Thinking, Healthy Decision-Making & Teaches You How To Attract What You Want In Life.

Recovery Addiction Yoga

75 minutes • Contact Christena For Price

A Combination Of Yoga Poses, Goal-Oriented Meditations, Pranayama & Relaxation Techniques To Support Recovery From Addiction(s). Open The Body To Release Physical & Emotional Toxins, Retrain The Mind To Be At Peace. Yoga Excels Us Towards Positive Growth & Acceptance While Nurturing Spirituality. Learn & Apply Lifelong Tools To Prevent Relapse, Stay On The Path To Good Health & Recovery To Lead A Happy & Fruitful Life.

Every Practice Specially Designed Based On Student’s/Groups Experience With Addiction, Trauma, Personal Needs/Goals.