Christena Vandegrift RYT, Yoga Bodywork, Reiki Practitioner & Epigenetic Health Provider

Christena Vandegrift, RYT, has taught over 1,000 group classes & over 500 Private Yoga lessons. Her passion lies in supporting her students in positive growth & transformation through the various Limbs of Yoga. She specializes in a unique practice called Yoga Bodywork. All practices are by appointment only & individually tailored to meet each students needs & goals. Group Yoga is definitely available for interested parties.

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Christena has worked with students from all walks of life, varying levels of practice, injuries & limitations from 9 yrs to 80 yrs of age. She focuses strongly on form & alignment, which varies student to student, so they can move & reside in their bodies with greater awareness & ease. Her goal is to cultivate positive transformation in the lives of her students through the various limbs of Yoga.

All practices by appointment only.

Yoga Bodywork (YBW)

YBW is a unique practice where the student is relaxed the entire session. A combination of medical massage, Thai massage, deep tissue massage, fascia work, Reiki & specialized yoga stretching techniques are used to loosen tight muscles, detoxify internal tissues & release physical & emotional tension built-up in the body. Pranayama is taught & encouraged throughout.

Health Benefits:

  • Loosen bound-up muscle tissues AKA “knots”
  • Expansion of muscle fibers improves circulation
  • Lengthen muscle fibers to remove toxins
  • Extra Oxygen delivered throughout the body
  • Supports health & longevity of ligaments & tendons
  • Reduce physical stress in the body
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Overall health

60 min: $80
90 min: $110

Private Yoga Lessons

Are you looking to advance your practice? Or perhaps you are just starting. Private Yoga Lessons support each student’s personal needs & goals, address injuries and limitations & teach you how to move & reside in your body with greater awareness & ease.

Yoga is very effective at pain management, reducing stress & delivering an over-all sense of well-being. Although most practices begin with postures (asana practice), yoga has a large potential of developing into something more profound where individuals connect to their minds & bodies for greater benefits.

Yoga has many health benefits compounding over time, cultivating physical, mental & emotional health as well as spiritual growth. All practices are individually tailored to meet students needs & goals. Deep stretching gently brings muscles & bones back into their optimal alignment, while lubricating the joints. Asana practice aids in the transfer of nutrients in the body, reduces inflammation & helps prevent premature aging.

Yoga cultivates the relationship between body & mind, facilitating a deeper connection to the self & enhancing over-all health & sense of well-being. What you learn here can be taken with you anywhere you go.
1 Private Lesson $75
3 PL $65/ea
5 PL $55/ea
Group Yoga $50/Class
**Group Practice can be customized to students’ level of practice, special requests, etc.

Private or Group Meditation

Meditation comes in many forms: deep breathing, sound healing, guided meditations, awareness through silence, pranayama (breathing techniques) & mindfulness cultivation are some of the many forms of Meditation that help to deliver a deeper awareness of life & its purpose.

Meditation is an age-old technique effective at reducing stress & anxiety, relaxing the nervous system, connecting to the world around you & discovering more about life, more about yourself. Meditation is an exceptional method to cultivate mindful-thinking, healthy decision-making & can teach you how to attract what you want in life. Meditations are customized to meet individual students needs & goals.

Explore your higher consciousness & tap into your inner power. Release negativity & emotional blockages. Learn how to overcome fear, embrace optimism & find acceptance in life’s joys & challenges. If you would like to learn more about meditation & how it can benefit you, this is an excellent way to begin your journey.

1 Meditation $55
3 Meditations $45/Ea

Epigenetic Health Consult

Nutritional programs are designed to target healthy gene expression. This is the key to anti-aging, disease prevention/management, pain management & good health. Other benefits include increased oxygen levels throughout the body & all its systems, reduced inflammation & free-radicals in the body, which promote healthy & youthful gene expression. Learn how to have healthy gene expression for better health & a good quality of life.

Areas of study, maintenance & prevention include:

  • Anti-aging
  • Cancer & Cholesterol
  • Heart Health
  • Diabetes
  • Joint Health
  • Skin Health
  • Metabolic Health
  • Auto-Immune Disease
  • Cognitive Function (Cognition)

Consult $45
Epigenetic Nutrition programs vary person to person.