F.A.Q for Instructors

Where are you located?
The Yoga Room: 119 Grove Avenue, Prescott, AZ

We are located in the white studio behind the main building, right behind the yellow Victorian house.

Who should I speak with about booking a class / workshop at the Yoga Room?
Please call Kathy: 928.420.9437

What size are your rooms?  How many students will fit comfortably?
We have two rooms available.  The smaller room can comfortably fit 4 – 6 students, the larger room can comfortably fit 10 – 12 students.
* Number of students may vary in accordance with social distancing preferences.

How much do you charge?

Cost Structure:

1 hour: $12.00
1.5 hours: $15.00
2 hour: $20.00
2.5 hours: $25.00
3 hour: $30.00

Does the Yoga Room handle payment from students?
No, the instructor sets the price for students to pay and accepts payment for classes / workshops.

Do you provide any marketing for my class / workshop?
You may ad a page to our website to promote your class / workshop for an additional $20.  Please contact Andie: dimplesaz@yahoo.com

How do I get in the building?
There is a keypad on the door.  Kathy will give you a code once your class / workshop has been arranged with her.

Do you provide props?
We do not provide props for your class / workshop.

Is there a place where I can store my props?
We have a small area that you are welcome to use to store your props.

What makes The Yoga Room Different?

  • The Yoga Room in Prescott is a CO-OP studio that benefits both student and teacher. We offer small, personalized classes that are tailored to your individual needs..
  • We offer small personalized classes. (Maximum per class is 12 students.)
  • Our intimate studio allows for a warm and welcoming experience so you feel safe and at ease!
  • Our specialized teachers are able to work with particular areas of the body and give individual attention to your specific needs.
  • Everyone learns and grows together!