Jamie Oden – Yoga Teacher ERYT200, Holy Yoga 95 hrs.

Jamie is a busy Mom with a daughter heading into Freshman year this fall. She knows how restorative yoga can help people like herself who are going through the joys and challenges of life.

Class Schedule


10:15 – 11:15 am Yin/Restorative – Healthy People!
Restorative Yin Yoga for busy people.

Classes Offered


Designed for busy people like Jamie who get together to stretch, breathe, slow down the mind, and share 60 minutes of community nourishing bodies, hearts and minds. This practice is wonderful for just slowing down for an hour and going inside the body through the breath, centering yourself for the rest of the day and maybe the rest of your week. I hear often that the class brings joy, peace and a sense of calmness to their entire day on the days we practice.