Rebecca Hagman

Class Descriptions:

Ashtanga Flow – Mondays @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
This class is based on a set sequence of a modified ashtanga flow. Modifications to allow any level to participate will be taught as well as giving more advanced practitioners space to practice their ashtanga flow. From time to time different asana from 1st and 2nd series will be inserted into the basic sequence in order to “spice things up” a bit and add challenge! The set sequence allows you to measure your progress, practice the asana principles from the yoga sutras, and subsequently deepen your practice!

Celebration Sunday
This class is a variety of practices to deepen your yoga practice! Raise your vibrations and consciousness using various styles of chanting mantras, pranayama, and meditation (dharana and dhyana) to reach that state of calm (samadhi). Each week will have a theme. Included will be occasional special events such as drum circle, ecstatic dance, and whatever else my co-leaders bring to the mat! Format open for co-leading.

Donation basis to cover cost of room.
Please BYOM (and anything else to help you sit comfortably).

Thai Yoga Bodywork:

Thai Yoga bodywork or Nuad Boran is often called Thai Massage, although it is not a massage at all. It is a 5,000 year old energy-based healing system originally practiced in Ayurvedic medicine. You lie on a futon, fully clothed while the practitioner stretches your body into assisted yoga poses while using wonderfully intense acupressure, reflexology, rocking, and compression techniques to clear energy blockages, release your tension, reduce stagnation and dis-ease.

The multiple benefits of this practice are:

  • relief for pain and muscle tension
  • greater flexibility and range of motion
  • improved alignment of the spine
  • a general increase of energy
  • increased circulation of blood & lymph
  • a balanced nervous system
  • deep relaxation
  • strengthening and rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit
  • reduced recovery time from sport activities
  • dramatic increase of general well-Being

Herbal Compresses that contain herbs for detoxification, inflammation, and general well-being can be added to this session for a wonderfully relaxing, therapeutic session!! [Source: THAI]

$120 for 2 hrs
$20 each additional ½ hr
Sessions done by appointment.

Pelvic Power Yoga/ Trauma Release:

Our pelvis is the foundation to a sturdy body. Therefore, this class teaches you how to move your pelvis and eliminate postural problems that affect legs, back, and subsequently the entire body. Learn how to strengthen and flex the pelvis to relieve and/or prevent problems such as incontinence and sexual dysfunction. For healthy people the exercises strengthen sexual stamina! Also, you will learn to restore balance to the entire body by releasing traumas to the body at the cellular level with neurogenic releases also known as vibrational healing.

Private $50. Semi-Private $75 up to 5

Yoga Specialized:

Is a personalized program involving hands on adjustments, and phone contact coaching to improve your follow-through. It is designed to focus on one’s particular dis-ease or movement restriction. You will be given a specific routine that you will learn and practice between 15 minutes and 60 minutes (your choice) at home for symptom relief. Program is an 8 week program. Refresher classes available for nominal fee. Program can be designed for up to 3 people with same issues.

Special programs include:

  • back injury and general pain management;
  • managing the aging process with grace
  • fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions;
  • mobility issues with all ages;
  • gastro-intestinal discomfort, weight loss
  • Strength Training/ Yoga on the Ball (use of Swiss ball and exercise bands)
  • Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, drug/ alcohol recovery
  • Smoking Cessation:
  • designed to give you several methods of practice that one continues on his or her own until the desired effect is reached. Practices learned are visualization techniques; setting one’s intentions; pranayama and nadis (breath control); meditation; jala neti (a cleansing process); pressure points and yoga postures to reduce cravings, anxiety, anger, and promote calmness. Neti pots and saline solution included. If your committed to quitting, results will occur.

$350 for 9 week program
Or Private $50. Semi-Private $75 up to 5

Rebecca Hagman

Rebecca Hagman:

Rebecca, E- RYT500 (certified and registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance), RTT (Registered Thai Therapist) through THAI / certified Thai Bodywork Therapist, Certified TRE Facilitator, and ordained minister.

Rebecca started practicing yoga in 2005 and shortly after that began the teacher training since she was elated by the results of her yoga practice on reducing severe back pain. She trained underneath the tutelage of Mary Beth Nehls and Beryl Bender Birch for her RYT 200 and David Oliver to complete her 500 hour certified course. She also studied 18 months of vedic chant and sanskrit with Cheryl Hall and Nial Mandall from the School of Practical Philosophy and Meditation Rebecca began her Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork in 2006 and completed advanced training by September 2008 with Tanya Boigenzahn and others of the lineage of Pichest Boonthumme from Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand to complete over 300 hours of certified courses. She continued her study with ancillary courses in trigger point therapy, myofascial release, acupressure and moksha, chi qong and reiki.

Rebecca completed her TRE Certification (Trauma Release Exercises) with David Berceli, PhD as an additional modality she can provide in combination with her bodywork skills to help people release their stress and trauma issues and regain health.

Rebecca has combined her over 30 years of professional and personal experience in substance abuse counseling, ministerial counseling, nutrition and competitive sports training and yoga psychology to help you understand optimum holistic health. She believes she has been truly blessed by all the opportunities she has had to learn to be a conduit for others’ healing and is excited to share these gifts as a direct way to improve and strengthen the well-being and quality of life for others.