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Kathryn DeFreitas – ERYT500
Kathy began practicing yoga over 30 years ago due to constant lower back pain. She just knew at that time her lower back needed gentle exercise to alleviate her own chronic pain. She faithfully practiced Yoga once a week and was so impressed with the results that she went on to receive her Yoga Teacher 500 hours Certification. She has also been a certified MELT method instructor for over 5 years and has helped many students relieve tension in their bodies as well as stuck stress. 

Kathy has been teaching gentle yoga classes for over a decade for students at least 50  years or older.

Her classes take on a soft, healing energy, using soothing postures for low back, neck and shoulders. She finds it most rewarding that in her classes, her students love to relax, close their eyes and go within their own bodies, while following their breath. This enables them to release tension in these areas by increasing oxygen flow with internal focus. Kathy believes that moving into the parasympathetic nervous system is the beginning for true healing on so many levels.

Kathy loves to introduce people to Yoga, and show how Yoga can bring vitality and rejuvenation into the body at any age! 


Date: Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 9:00 PM
Subject: Re: Soft Roller Workshop Sign Up
To: Kathy DeFreitas
Hi Kathy,

I noticed many changes. I also felt water sloshing inside me on Saturday.
1.  I slept an hour after I got home Saturday afternoon and then 9 hours on Saturday night.  My body felt heavy and relaxed.
2. I found I was stretching even before I was fully awake on Sunday morning.
3.  I wasn’t stiff when I got up on Sunday morning.
4.  I went for a 3 mile walk on Sunday. It’s the longest walk for me since July or August when I hurt my leg and I had energy all day.
5.  I am flexible even before I stretch.  I have been stiff and achy for years.
It is okay with me to share my results.  Also…I remembered today that I can breathe deeper easier.  You can add that to my list if you want to.
I continue to melt every morning and I find that the rebalance on the roller is helping me with my standing balance during the day. Is it realistic to think that some day I can do the rebalance on the roller with 1 foot raised without wobbling?  I sure can’t do it now.
 I am so grateful that we are fortunate enough to have you in Prescott to teach us proper formation in Melting.
See you Saturday.
I took Kathy’s MELT workshop a few months ago and have been benefiting from it ever since.  I bought the MELT balls during the workshop and with a little commitment (10 minutes, 3 times per week in my home) my wrists are stronger and my knees do not hurt when I walk. In fact, I’m starting to jog again after not being able to without pain for about ten years. Between taking Kathy’s MELT workshop and doing her Yoga class 2 times per week, I feel wonderful! 
I highly recommend Kathy’s MELT workshops and her yoga classes.   Kathy’s passion for helping people live better and more fully is evident whenever I see her. She has a gift for teaching the ‘how and why’ of both MELT and Yoga.

– Elizabeth, Prescott, AZ

Kathy has been my yoga instructor for many years and most recently my Melt teacher. She is always current on new techniques to help her students maintain a healthy body and peace of mind. I have complete trust and faith in her abilities as a caring and professional instructor.

– Ann, Prescott, AZ

I have been a yoga student of Kathy’s for several years, which is my  testimony to her skill,  gentle demeanor and inspirations on the mat.  I have recently taken some MELT classes from Kathy and am finding them wonderfully beneficial.  I deeply appreciate having such a skilled and sincere teacher.  Bravo to you,  Kathy,  for your continued inspirations.

– Marilyn, Prescott, Arizona