Shelli Welch (Amrita Dass Kaur), RYT 259 Hr, KRI Level 1 Kundalini

Private/Small Group Sessions and Group Classes

Class Schedule:

All Levels Kundalini Yoga – Wednesday Evenings – 6:15-7:30 pm

This class is a totally Beginner Friendly Class open to High School age Teens through Senior Adults and is for ANY level of yoga participant. Special modifications can always be made for someone needing seated or chair assistance.

Those totally new to Kundalini yoga will be introduced to all of the fundamentals and the power of this wonderful practice. This will also be an exciting opportunity for current and seasoned practitioners to experience what might be new kriyas, meditations, breathwork and mantra. Classes consist of physical movement, breathwork, mantra, meditation and savasana.

We will explore the science of our Ten Body System and how we can use Kundalini practice to:

● Boost energy level

● Balance chakra centers

● Strengthen the nervous system and balance the glandular system increasing our ability to handle stress, and this fast-paced information age.

● Boost metabolism, immunity and digestive health

● Increase intuitive awareness

● Improve memory and expand the capacity of our mind to process information

● Overcome habitual negative patterns of thought, emotion and behavior

● Increase longevity and slow down the aging process

● Improve our relationships

● Address issues specific to women

● Increase prosperity and attract what we need/desire

● And More!

For those concerned about Safe Practices:

*PLEASE bring your own mat (blanket, props as needed). The Yoga Room offers large open windows offering FULL ventilation and a beautiful new wood laminate floor. ALL surfaces will be disinfected before and after class and safe distance will be maintained between practitioners.

*Due to Covid-19 we are only allowing a maximum number of 6 persons. We strongly suggest you pre-register for the class in advance on this page.

Private Sessions and 2-3 person Groups:

60 minute sessions can be scheduled with Shelli to address a host of issues ranging from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, addiction, sleep disorders, alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, allergy, headaches, thyroid problems, IBS, career and relationships.

Special Events:

Email Me on this page to be notified of upcoming Mantra Moon Meditations, Divine Feminine and Sound Healing Workshops, Breathwalks, and other Special KY Events

Shelli Welch (Amrita Dass Kaur) is a Level One KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, 259 Hr. Yoga Alliance Certified R.Y.T., who also holds an additional 95 hour Specialization in Children’s yoga, and additional CEUs in Trauma Sensitive Practice. She has been practicing yoga for over 25 years, and teaching since 2010 both in mainstream classes as well as in private therapeutic sessions, within special needs classrooms, day treatment programs, and wellness centers utilizing Kundalini and other forms of yoga to address mental/behavioral health, learning and developmental disabilities, trauma, chronic pain, injury and rehabilitation.

Feel free to contact Shelli  with any questions regarding group classes, private and small group sessions or special events.

Shelli Welch, KRI Certified Level One Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Call or email now for any questions regarding the Class Schedule, Private or Small Group Sessions.

Class Schedule: $10.00 per class
(Max Size is 6 persons. Please Register in advance.)