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Christena Vandegrift

Transformational & Relationship Life Coach, 600HR RYT,  Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher & Yoga Bodywork Practitioner

Christena’s passion & expertise is grounded in facilitating realization & fulfillment of life, relationship, career & health objectives for her Coaching clients.

Transformational & Relationship Coaching is specifically designed to transform different areas of life pains & struggles:

  • Poor communication
  • Emotional pain
  • People pleasing
  • Past trauma
  • Negative mindset
  • Avoidance behaviors
  • Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Weak personal boundaries
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Uncertain life decisions
  • Professional challenges

or if you are just unclear in your life direction & want to explore possibilities, Transformational & Relationship Coaching can give you clarity & support you in achieving your goals & improve your performance & capabilities in various areas of life.

“By knowing who you are not, you discover who you are”. ~ C. Vandegrift


Christena’s Credentials: Transformational & Relationship Life Coach, 600HR RYT, Recovery Addiction Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher & Reiki Master. Christena is a 2x graduate of Tony Robbins Personal Development Courses & a 4x graduate of Landmark Worldwide Personal & Professional Self-Development Courses over the span of 20 years. Her favorite teachers she follows & learns from are E. Tolle, Don M. Ruiz, D. Chopra, P. Yogananda & J. Wedmore. Christena is committed to a life of continued education to broaden her skillsets & strengthen her mindset to best serve her people. Christena works with a wide variety of individuals from all walks & stages of life, ages, special needs, life challenges, injuries & physical limitations, giving her the experience to customize all therapies to suit individual needs & goals.

Mindset is everything. Your mindset will hold you back or propel you forward in life. Everyday you get to choose which one it will be”. ~ C. Vandegrift

Transformational & Relationship Life Coach

Transformational & Relationship Coaching Is A Conscious Coaching Model designed to support you strengthen & improve performance & capabilities in all areas of life by addressing limiting & destructive thought & behavioral patterns, so you can create significant change in relationships & in yourself: personally, professionally, socially, emotionally, psychologically & spiritually. By building a framework of  emotional intelligence & emotional resilience, you transform a negative mindset, emotional roadblocks & past trauma to an empowered, problem-solving growth-mindset. That’s when real change happens…

Live Intentionally – Live Powerfully – Live Authentically

What To Expect:  

  • You will have a more clear understand of yourself to create the change you desire
  • A more powerful sense of self
  • Coaching that is aligned with your goals
  • Understanding, patience & non-judgment
  • Unwavering support & accountability
  • Trust & transparency
  • You will change
  • Your life will change
  • The quality of your relationships will improve
  • You will step into a more authentic & powerful version of yourself

What You Would Accomplish Without Fear?

Contact Christena To Schedule An In-Person Or Phone Discovery Session: [email protected]