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Christena Vandegrift – The Yoga Room Prescott
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Christena Vandegrift

Christena Vandegrift

600HR RYT, Personal Development & Mindset Life Coach, Reiki Master & Yoga Bodywork Practitioner

Christena Specializes In Personal Development & Spiritual Progression Through The Various Modalities Of Yoga Practice, Personal Development & Mindset Coaching.

Personal Development & Mindset Coaching Is Designed To Support Individuals Strengthen & Improve Performance & Capabilities In Various Areas Of Life By Means Of Addressing Thought & Behavioral Patterns: Relationships, Personal, Spiritual, Professional, Family, Emotional & Mindset. Christena Will Help You Transform A Negative Mindset & Emotional Roadblocks To An Intentional, Problem-Solving Mindset. That’s When Real Change Happens…

Ultimately, Personal Development & Mindset Coaching Is A Journey Of Self-Analysis & Self-Discovery Where You & Coach Christena Dive Deep Into The Conscious & Subconscious Mind. You Become More Aware Of Fear-Based Mentalities That Govern Behavior So You Can Reprogram The Mind To Work For You, Instead Of Against You. You Explore Fresh Perspectives So You Can Make The Necessary Changes To Live The Life You Want Through Conscious Choices INSTEAD Of Reactivity & Conditioned Thought Patters Which Are Primarily Fear-Based.

Christena Is Highly Committed To Supporting Her People Reach Their Higher Potential. Nurture The Most Important Relationship Of Your Life: The Relationship You Have With Yourself

Christena’s Credentials: 600HR RYT Certification, Reiki Master & Life Coach Certification all from Yandara Yoga Institute. She is a 4X Graduate of Various Landmark Education (now Landmark Worldwide) Personal & Professional Self-Development Courses. Prior to this, Christena’s formal educational journey was that of Psychology & Humanities.

Christena Works With A Wide Variety Of Individuals From All Walks & Stages Of Life, Ages, Special Needs, Life Challenges, Injuries & Physical Limitations, Giving Her The Experience To Customize All Yoga & Personal Development Coaching Therapies To Suit Individual Needs & Goals.

Personal Development & Mindset Life Coach

Personal Development Mindset Coaching Is Designed To Support Individuals Strengthen & Improve Performance & Capabilities In Various Areas Of Life: Relationships, Personal, Professional, Spiritual, Family, Emotional & Mindset. Realize & Actualize Your Potential. Learn & Apply Developmental Tools That Support Your Personal Growth, Human Development & Personal Freedom.

My Dedication & Commitment To You:  

  • Recognition of your human & spirit nature
  • Create sustainable systems to achieve & maintain results
  • Coaching tools to help you understand yourself more clearly
  • Lifework to support developing the person you want to become
  • Coaching that is aligned with your goals
  • Support your human & spiritual development & evolution
  • Understanding, patience & non-judgment
  • Unwavering support & belief in you
  • Trust & transparency

Imagine Freedom: What Would You Accomplish Without Fear?

Contact Christena To Schedule A Complimentary 30MIN In-Person Or Phone Consultation: