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Christena Vandegrift

600HR RYT, Personal Development & Relationship Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master & Yoga Bodywork Practitioner

Christena specializes in personal transformation & growth mindset through the various modalities of Yoga Practice, Meditation & Transformational & Relationship Life Coaching.

YOGA: is an all-encompassing practice that increases physical strength, flexibility & mobility, with breath & movement techniques that support optimal health & longevity. Yoga nurtures spiritual development & personal growth in mind, body & spirit. If you have been contemplating beginning, modifying, growing or taking your Yoga Practice to the next level, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Christena is a 600HR RYT, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher & Transformational Life Coach with 10+ years experience to support you in transcending your limitations to continue evolving into the best version of yourself. Contact her to schedule a phone consultation for Private Yoga Instruction.

“The degree to which a person can grow is in direct proportion to the mount of truth he can accept about himself without running away”. ~ Leland Val Van De Wall

Transformational & Relationship Life Coaching: is a journey of self-analysis & self-discovery where we dive deep into the conscious & subconscious mind to create powerful shifts towards a healthier, more confident & productive you. You improve performance & capabilities in various areas of life: self, relationships, career, social, mindset, family & beyond. Conscious Coaching is a rewarding & life-changing self-investment where you gain the tools to nurture a power-mindset, enhance your quality of life & quality of relationships.

“Invest in yourself as much as you can. You are your own biggest asset by far” ~ W. Buffett

Christena’s Credentials: Transformational & Relationship Life Coach, 600HR RYT, Recovery Addiction Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher & Reiki Master. Christena is a 2x graduate of Tony Robbins Personal Development Courses & a 4x graduate of Landmark Worldwide Personal & Professional Self-Development Courses over the span of 20 years. Some of her favorite teachers she follows & learns from are E. Tolle, Don M. Ruiz, D. Chopra, P. Yogananda, & J. Wedmore. Christena is committed to a life of continued education to broaden her skillsets, stay current on health innovations & strengthen her mindset to best serve her people. Christena works with a wide variety of individuals from all walks & stages of life, ages, special needs, life challenges, injuries & physical limitations, giving her the experience to customize all therapies to suit individual needs & goals.


Transformational & Relationship Life Coaching

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Private Yoga Instruction

Private Yoga Sessions Give You The Space & Freedom To Explore, Strengthen, Redefine & Learn About Your Asana (Posture) & Pranayama (Management Of Prana) Practice In A Private Setting & Undemanding Pace. Sessions Are Specifically Tailored To Meet Students Individual Needs & Goals. Begin, Modify Or Advance Your Practice With Professional Guidance & Genuine Care.

Customized Lessons Address Personal Goals, Limitations, Modifications, Strength-Training & Injuries (if applicable).

Yoga Is Very Effective At Pain-Management, Reducing Stress & Inflammation In The Physical & Emotional Body, Spiritual Growth, Connection To Self & Delivering An Over-All Sense Of Peace & Well-Being.

Deep Stretching Gently Brings Muscles & Bones Back Into Their Optimal Alignment, While Lubricating The Joints. Asana Practice Aids In The Transfer Of Nutrients In The Body, Reduces Inflammation & Helps Prevent Premature Aging Inside & Out.

3/PL = $85/EA ($255)

5/PL = $75/EA ($375)

Ongoing Fluid PL = $55/EA

Yoga as Physical Therapy

When Used As A Form Of Physical Therapy, Yoga Movements Offer A Wide-Range Of Benefits For Individuals Seeking To Strengthen, Support Mobility, Prevent Injury & Address Specific Health Concerns.



Key Benefits Of Yoga As Physical Therapy Include:

  1. **Improved Flexibility:** Yoga Involves A Variety Of Stretching Exercises & Poses That Enhance Flexibility In Muscles & Joints. Increased Flexibility Helps Alleviate Stiffness & Improves Range Of Motion.
  1. **Strength Building:** Many Yoga Poses Require The Engagement Of Specific Muscle Groups. Over Time, Regular Practice Leads To Improved Muscle Strength, Particularly In The Core, Legs, & Upper Body.
  1. **Pain Relief:** Yoga Is Effective In Managing & Reducing Chronic Pain Conditions, Such As Lower Back Pain, Arthritis, & Joint Pain. It Helps By Promoting Better Alignment & Reducing Muscle Tension.
  1. **Enhanced Balance & Stability:** Yoga Poses Challenge Balance & Stability, Which Are Particularly Beneficial For Individuals Recovering From Injuries Or Surgeries. Improved Balance Can Reduce The Risk Of Falls.
  1. **Posture Correction:** Yoga Encourages Awareness Of Body Alignment & Posture. It Helps Individuals Correct Poor Posture Habits, Reducing Strain On The Spine & Muscles.
  1. **Stress Reduction:** Yoga Incorporates Mindfulness & Deep Breathing Techniques, Which Promote Relaxation & Reduce Stress. Lower Stress Levels Contribute To Decreased Muscle Tension & Pain.
  1. **Better Breathing:** Yoga Emphasizes Conscious & Controlled Breathing Patterns. Practicing Deep, Diaphragmatic Breathing Improves Lung Capacity & Oxygenates The Body More Effectively.
  1. **Pain Management:** For Individuals Dealing With Autoimmune Or Conditions Like Fibromyalgia Or Chronic Pain, Yoga Is An Effective Tool For Managing Symptoms & Improving Overall Comfort.
  1. **Injury Prevention:** Yoga Encourages Body Awareness & Teaches Individuals To Move Mindfully. This Awareness Helps Prevent Injuries By Promoting Safe Movement Patterns.
  1. **Improved Circulation:** Twisting & Stretching, Enhances Blood Flow Throughout The Body. Improved Circulation Supports Overall Healing & Muscle Recovery.
  1. **Mind-Body Connection:** Yoga Fosters A Stronger Connection Between The Mind & Body. This Heightened Awareness Can Aid In Identifying Physical Issues & Addressing Them More Effectively.
  1. **Customization:** Yoga Can Be Adapted To Suit Individual Needs & Limitations. It Is Accessible To People Of Various Fitness Levels & Physical Abilities, Making It An Inclusive Form Of Therapy.
  2. **Holistic Healing Approach:** Yoga As Physical Therapy Takes A Holistic Approach To The Physical & Emotional Effects Of Body Trauma, Helping Individuals Cope With The Psychological Effects Associated With Injury & Recovery.

3/Physical Therapy Yoga = $300

5/Physical Therapy Yoga = $450 ($50 savings)


Yoga Bodywork (YBW) OR 

* * Traditional Bodywork 

** Traditional Bodywork Removes The Stretching Component

90min • $150

2hrs • $220

Yoga Bodywork or *Traditional Bodywork is an exclusive & advanced bodywork & therapeutic massage experience performed Thai-Style that combines Yoga stretches, Thai massage, deep tissue, myofascial release & *sports massage (*applies to athletes only). Release stagnant energy & toxins that reside in deeper connective tissues to reduce inflammation & support extra oxygen & nutrient flow throughout the body. Master Reiki & sound healing administered throughout.


*Traditional Bodywork encompasses all the benefits herein & simply removes the stretching component.



  • Improve Flexibility & Range Of Motion
  • Reduce Pain/Inflammation
  • Fascia Health & Pliability
  • Injury Recovery & Injury Prevention
  • Increased Circulation & Production Of Prana
  • Realign Muscular & Skeletal Systems
  • Supports health & longevity of ligaments, tendons & joints
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance
  • Relaxation & Self-Care
  • Emotional/Trauma Release
  • Customized Sessions

Chakra Balancing & Integration

Learn More About The Powerful, Primary Energy Centers Located Up & Down The Spine That Directly Effect Your Physical & Emotional Well-Being & Are Central To How You Experience Life . This Knowledge Is Key To Connecting, Integrating & Opening Your Chakra Centers To Remove Blocks, Clear Unwanted Energy, Increase Vitality & Harness The Power That Resides In Each Chakra. Understanding & Knowing How To Manage Your Energy Centers Is Absolutely Necessary If You Are On The Journey Of Spiritual Growth & Human Development. Dive Deeply Into Your Self & Discover More About Who You Are & Who You Want To Be.


7 Chakra Balancing Guided Meditations:

  • Gain A Clearer & Deeper Understanding Of The Chakra Centers & The Role They Directly Play In Your Life
  • Identify Potential Blocks Or Over-Expression To Balance, Integrate & Better Manage & Direct Your Energy System To Enhance Your Over-All Health, Well-Being & Relationships
  • Vibrational Sound Healing Unique To Each Chakra
  • Sage/Palo Santo Cleansing
  • Mudras, Bandhas, Asanas & Restorative
  • Chakra Book Included Upon Completion Of Entire 7 Series

Sessions Can Be Purchased Individually Or The Entire 7 Series For A Discount. Working with all 7 Chakras as a whole system will have enhanced, emotional & energetic benefits.

$595 Series ($85/Session)

$95 Individual Chakra Sessions

Special Event Yoga

75 Min • Contact Christena For Price

Special Event Yoga Can Be Once Or Ongoing. Adding Yoga Practice To Your Special Event Brings So Many Benefits To You & Everyone Involved. Set The Pace Of Inner-Peace, Relaxation, Strength, Body Conditioning, Mental Clarity & Emotional Well-Being.

All Group & Special Event Yoga Are Custom Tailored To Your Requests, Special Needs & Goals: Pranayama, Sound Healing W/18th Century Tibetan Singing Bowl, Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Power/Motivational Yoga, Meditation, Essential Oil Treatments, Sage-ing, Sound Therapy &/Or A Combination Of These Healing & Therapeutic Practices To Enhance Your Yoga Experience.

Recovery Addiction Yoga

60-75 minutes 

Recovery Addiction Yoga Is Designed To Support You Through The Recovery & Discovery Process Of Life.

Yoga Is An Excellent Tool & Life Practice That Acts As A Foundation To Support A Clearer Sense Of Who You Are, Where You Want To Go In Life, How To Better Connect With Yourself & Others & Helps You Have A Deeper Appreciation Of The Physical Body & Sense Of Your Spiritual Essence.

A Combination Of Yoga Poses (Asana Practice), Guided Meditations, Pranayama (Yogic Breathing Techniques), Relaxation & Mindful Techniques To Support Your Successful Recovery From Addiction(s). A Consistent Yoga Practice Fosters Your Personal Empowerment, & Your Physical & Emotional Well-Being. Yoga Practice Is An Excellent Life-Long Tool You Can Take With You Anywhere You Go.

  • Open The Body To Release Physical & Emotional Trauma, Tension & Toxins
  • Retrain The Mind To Be At Peace Wherever You Are At In Life
  • Learn How To Process Through Uncomfortable Or Negative Physical & Emotional Feelings
  • Foster A Deeper Appreciation For Your Body
  • Adopt A Positive Growth Mindset By Nurturing The Different Parts Of Your Self
  • Learn & Apply Lifelong Tools To Take Control Of Your Life & Decision-Making Processes
  • Stay On The Path To Good Health & Recovery To Lead A Happy & Fruitful Life. You Are A Infinite Potentiality

Every Practice Is Specifically Designed To Meet Each Individual Students or Group Needs & Goals.

  • Beginning & Ending Dharma & Guided Meditation
  • Solfeggio Frequencies & Sound Healing
  • Asana (Posture) Practice
  • Pranayama (Breath Regulation)
  • Sage/Palo Santo Cleansing
  • Meditations That Encourage Establishing A Healthy Body-Mind-Soul Relationship
  • 1 Session Per Week = $120
  • Additional Weekly Sessions Yield A Discount
  • 1 Session: $55
  • 3 Sessions or more $150 ($15 savings)

Home Yoga (Individual or Group)

60-75 minutes

Practice In The Comfort Of Your Own Home. Home Yoga Practice Is Customized According To Your Individual Needs & Goals. Music, Essential Oils, Sage/Palo Santo, Beginning & Ending Dharma/Meditation All Included & Optional.

Contact Christena For Price/Self-Investment

Anti-Aging Health & Nutrition Consult

1HR consult • $55

Healthy Gene Expression Is The Key To Anti-Aging, Pain-Management, Disease Prevention/Management, Quality Of Life & Good Health. I Have Been Studying Epigenetics For 12 Years & Give You The Tools To Improve Your Health At The Epigenetic Level For Sustainable & Effective Health Results. This Is The Same System I Have Used For 13yrs. Feel Your Best At Any Age.

Guided Meditation

1/GM • $55                                                                                                                                                                                        

3/GM • $150 ($15 Savings)

Science Has Proven Times Over That Consistent Meditation Changes The Brains Structure To Enhance Cognition & Support Neuroplasticity (the ability for the brain to reform & reorganize synaptic connections).

Patience With The Process & Consistent Practice Will Yield The Most Benefit. The More You Consistent Meditate, The More Results You Will See & Feel.

Meditation Has Many Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Benefits That Are Compounding Over Time: Reduced Stress, Physical Relaxation, Mental Peace, The Ability To Reflect vs React, Increased Self-Awareness, Mindfulness, Patience, Enhanced Creativity, Fresh Perspective, Reduced Stress Response & A Deeper Understanding Of Life & Your Life’s Purpose.

Meditation Nurtures The Connection To Your Higher Self & The World Around You. It Is An Exceptional Way To Enhance Mindful-Thinking, Healthy Decision-Making & Teaches You How To Attract What You Want In Life.