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Christena Vandegrift – The Yoga Room Prescott
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Christena Vandegrift

Christena Vandegrift

600HR RYT, Yoga Bodywork Practitioner, Reiki Master & Certified Spiritual, Transformational & Developmental Life Coach

Conscious Yoga & Conscious Coaching Specialize In Human Development & Spiritual Progression Through The Various Modalities Of Yoga Practice & Life Coaching. Christena Is Highly Committed To Supporting Her People Reach Their Highest Potential Through The Holistic Healing Practices Of Yoga (Asana) Practice, Guided Meditation, Yoga Bodywork, Life Coaching, Master Reiki Sessions, Special Event & Private Yoga Practice, Recovery Addiction Yoga, Chakra Balancing & Integration & Epigenetic Anti-Aging Health Consults. Nurture The Most Important Relationship Of Your Life: The Relationship You Have With Yourself

Christena’s Credentials: 500HR RYT Certification & Additional 100HR Yin & Restorative Yoga, Reiki Master & Life Coach Certification all from Yandara Yoga Institute. She is a 4X Graduate of Landmark Education (now Landmark Worldwide) Personal & Professional Self-Development Courses. Prior to this, Christena’s formal educational journey was that of Psychology & Humanities.

Christena works with a wide variety of people from all walks & stages of life, ages, special needs, injuries & limitations, giving her the experience to customize all Yoga & Life Coaching therapies to suit individual needs & goals.


Certified Spiritual, Transformational & Developmental Life Coach

Mindset Coaching Is Designed To Help You Identify & Overcome Obstacles Through Sustainable Systems & Result-Driven Sessions.


My dedication & commitment to you:  

  • Recognition of your human & spirit nature
  • Create sustainable systems to achieve & maintain results
  • Coaching tools to help you understand yourself more clearly
  • Lifework to support developing the person you want to become
  • Coaching that is aligned with your goals
  • Support your human & spiritual development & evolution
  • Understanding, patience & non-judgment
  • Unwavering support & belief in you
  • Trust & transparency

Imagine Freedom: What Would You Accomplish Without Fear?

Contact Christena To Schedule A Complimentary 30MIN In-Person Or Phone Consultation:

Private Yoga Instruction

Private Yoga Lessons Are Individually Tailored To Meet Students Needs & Goals. Learn To Begin, Modify Or Advance Your Practice In A Private Setting & Undemanding Pace. Yoga Is Very Effective At Pain-Management, Reducing Stress & Delivering An Over-All Sense Of Peace & Well-Being. Deep Stretching Gently Brings Muscles & Bones Back Into Their Optimal Alignment, While Lubricating The Joints. Asana Practice Aids In The Transfer Of Nutrients In The Body, Reduces Inflammation & Helps Prevent Premature Aging Inside & Out.

3/PL = $80/EA ($240)
5/PL = $70/EA ($350)

Yoga Bodywork (YBW)

90min • $150

120min • $200

3hrs • $250

An Enhanced Bodywork Experience & Unique Practice Combining Specialized Yoga Stretches, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Manipulation, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage & Master Reiki Techniques.

YBW Improves Circulation, Reduces Inflammation, Lengthens & Loosens The Fascia, Muscles & Joints To Support Proper Skeletal & Muscular Alignment. Beneficial At Managing & Reducing Pain, Improving Mobility & Enhancing Athletic Performance.

YBW Enhances Over-All Health & Well-Being, Delivers Feelings Of Peace & Tranquility.

Master Reiki Techniques Administered Throughout W/Sound Therapy To Conclude.


  • Loosen Bound-Up Muscle Tissues AKA “Knots”
  • Increase Joint Mobility, Flexibility & Range Of Motion
  • Lengthen Muscle Fibers To Remove Toxins & Improve Circulation
  • Extra Oxygen Delivered Throughout The Body
  • Supports Health & Longevity Of Ligaments, Tendons & Joints
  • Reduce Physical Stress & Emotional Tension In The Body
  • Enhances Athletic Performance

Chakra Balancing & Integration

Learn More About The Primary Energy Centers Located Up & Down The Spine. Discovery Is The Key To Connecting, Integrating & Opening Your Chakra Centers To Remove Blocks, Clear Unwanted Energy, Increase Vitality & Harness The Power That Resides In Each Chakra. Understanding & Knowing How To Manage Your Energy Centers Is Absolutely Necessary If You Are On The Journey Of Spiritual Growth & Human Development. Dive Deeply Into Your Self & Discover More About Who You Are & Who You Want To Be.


7 Chakra Balancing Guided Meditations:

  • Gain A Clearer & Deeper Understanding Of The Chakra Centers & The Role They Directly Play In Your Life
  • Identify Potential Blocks Or Over-Expression To Balance, Integrate & Better Manage & Direct Your Energy System To Enhance Your Over-All Health, Well-Being & Relationships
  • Vibrational Sound Healing Unique To Each Chakra
  • Sage/Palo Santo Cleansing
  • Mudras, Bandhas, Asanas & Restorative
  • Chakra Book Included Upon Completion Of Entire 7 Series

Sessions Can Be Purchased Individually Or The Entire 7 Series For A Discount

$595 Series ($85/Session)

$95 Individual Sessions

Special Event Yoga

75 Min • Contact Christena For Price

Special Event Yoga Can Be Once Or Ongoing. Adding Yoga Practice To Your Special Event Brings So Many Benefits To You & Everyone Involved. Set The Pace Of Inner-Peace, Relaxation, Strength, Body Conditioning, Mental Clarity & Emotional Well-Being.

All Group & Special Event Yoga Are Custom Tailored To Your Requests, Special Needs & Goals: Pranayama, Sound Healing W/18th Century Tibetan Singing Bowl, Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Power/Motivational Yoga, Meditation, Essential Oil Treatments, Sage-ing, Sound Therapy &/Or A Combination Of These Healing & Therapeutic Practices To Enhance Your Yoga Experience.

Group Practice @ The Yoga Room

60 minutes • $15

Group Practice At The Yoga Room Every TUES 9A. Asana Practice Includes Beginning & Ending Dharma/Meditation, Balancing Asanas, Warriors, Traditional Yoga Poses & Creativity Within Vinyasa. All Levels Welcome. Please Bring Two Blocks & A Strap.

Recovery Addiction Yoga

75 minutes 

Recovery Addiction Yoga Is Designed To Support You Through The Recovery & Discovery Process Of Life.

Yoga Practice Is An Excellent Tool & Support Mechanism That Acts As A Foundation To Support A Clearer Sense Of Who You Are, Where You Want To Go In Life, How To Better Connect With Yourself & Others & Helps You Have A Deeper Appreciation Of The Physical Body & Sense Of Your Spiritual Essence. A Combination Of Yoga Poses (Asana Practice), Guided Meditations, Pranayama (Yogic Breathing Techniques), Relaxation & Mindful Techniques To Support Recovery From Addiction(s) & An Overall Sense Of Empowerment & Well-Being. Open The Body To Release Physical & Emotional Tension & Toxins, Retrain The Mind To Be At Peace & Learn How To Cope With & Retrain Unwanted Physical & Emotional Feelings. Yoga Excels Us Towards Positive Growth & Acceptance While Nurturing Spirituality. Learn & Apply Lifelong Tools To Take Control Of Your Life & Decision-Making Processes. Stay On The Path To Good Health & Recovery To Lead A Happy & Fruitful Life.

Every Practice Specially Designed Based On Individual Student or Groups Personal Needs & Goals.

  • Beginning & Ending Dharma & Guided Meditation
  • Solfeggio Frequencies & Sound Healing
  • Asana (Posture) Practice
  • Pranayama (Breath Regulation)
  • Sage/Palo Santo Cleansing
  • $120: 1 Session Per Week
  • $100/ea: 2 Sessions Per Week
  • 1 Session: $90
  • 3 Sessions: $80/ea
  • 5 Sessions: $70/ea
  • Ongoing/6 or More: $50/Session (REQUIRES 6 SESSIONS PIA)

Home Yoga (Individual or Group)

75 minutes

Practice In The Comfort Of Your Own Home. Home Yoga Practice Is Customized According To Your Individual Needs & Goals. Music, Essential Oils, Sage/Palo Santo, Beginning & Ending Dharma/Meditation All Included & Optional.

Contact Christena For Price/Self-Investment

Anti-Aging Health & Nutrition Consult

1HR consult • $50

Healthy Gene Expression Is The Key To Anti-Aging, Pain-Management, Disease Prevention/Management, Quality Of Life & Good Health. I Have Been Studying Epigenetics For 12 Years & Inform You On How To Improve Your Health At The Epigenetic Level, Sustainable & Effective Health Results.

Learn How To Harness Healthy Gene Expression To Slow The Aging Process, Enhance Longevity & Quality Of Life. I Educate You On The Epigenetic Nutrition I Have Used For The Past 13YRS In Maintaining My Health & Youthful Attributes.

Guided Meditation

1/GM • $55

Meditation Changes The Brain & Has Many Benefits That Are Compounding Over Time: Reduced Stress In The Physical & Psychological Bodies, Increased Self-Awareness, Mindfulness & Patience, Enhanced Creativity, Fresh Perspective, Reduced Stress Response & A Deeper Understanding Of Life & Your Life’s Purpose. Meditation Nurtures The Connection To Your Higher Self & The World Around You. It Is An Exceptional Way To Enhance Mindful-Thinking, Healthy Decision-Making & Teaches You How To Attract What You Want In Life.

3/GM: $150 ($15 Savings)