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Karen vanBarneveld

Karen has been practicing yoga for over 38 years and teaching yoga for 15 years. As a long time practitioner, she integrates what she has learned about doing yoga right AND wrong into teaching students safety and alignment with the principles of lyengar training. She teaches with compassion and a genuine interest in helping you to be your healthiest.

Karen is a certified Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine through The Four Winds Academy in Chili and continues her studies of energy medicine with the Quechua Paqo’s of the Q’ero Nation in Peru.

As a certified HertMath Coach, she also helps her clients to engage the power of their hearts to generate and sustain feelings of appreciation, increasing their own well-being, accelerating a connection with their hearts. Appreciating ourselves and others helps restore the color to our black-and-white perception of life.

As a food activist for over 30 years, Karen is passionate about sharing her knowledge of clean and healthy eating with her clients, family, and friends. Karen is the author of “God Made Organics, NOT GMOs” published in 2015 and continues to help those seeking a healthier way of living.

Call or text Karen at 858-531-5975 for a free 15-minute private consultation.


  • All classes are by reservation only.  SEE CLASS SCHEDULE
  • All classes by reservation only and $10.00. Second Sunday of the month restorative/yoga Nidra classes $15.00.
  • For reservations text Karen at 858-531-5975 or email [email protected].